WE ARE EPEA EPEA is a non-profit association committed to supporting and developing the private equity and venture capital industry in Egypt and the surrounding region(s). Our main objective is to foster private investment in Egypt and the region, via boosting communication within the region’s private equity and venture capital networks and facilitating knowledge sharing, in order to encourage overall economic growth

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EPEA seeks to establish and promote a well-developed ecosystem for the Private Equity, Venture Capital and Angel Investment Industry, through

Capacity Building
Targeting industry professionals as well as stakeholders dealing with the industry
Setting Industry Standards in light of Best Practices
Work in this area will focus on the technicalities of the industry.
Awareness and Advocacy
Targeting various industry stakeholders, including: (1) government & regulator, (2) funding sources, (3) potential investments & SMEs, and (4) service providers such as auditing firms, legal advisors, and business and financial consultants
Development of Regulatory Framework
Work in this area will target the government and the regulator, as well as the parliament (economic committee), and political parties (economic committees).
Expanding & Diversifying Membership
to be able to represent the entire industry
Expanding & Diversifying Alliances
With relevant local and international partners, to enhance its ability to better serve its members and the industry.

To be the representative body of the Egyptian PE and VC industry and to serve as the regional hub for fostering the flow of direct investments into Egypt and the surrounding region(s).

To be the pivotal hub for PE and VC professionals, organizations and stakeholders in Egypt, and their gateway to the international community and counterparts.

Towards the local PE and VC Industry

To enhance PE and VC best practices among members, and keep them abreast with the most up-to-date trends in the industry. To do this, EPEA will serve the current needs of the local industry in the areas of capacity building, networking and policy advocacy, through a variety of activities. EPEA will also enhance the understanding of PE and VC among entrepreneurs, investors, government bodies, as well as the general public, through media awareness.

Towards the Egyptian Economy

To serve as the platform for greater communication within and among the PE and VC regional and international networks, with the aims of facilitating knowledge sharing, enhancing business matchmaking and restoring investors` confidence, to reach the ultimate objectives of boosting direct investment and economic growth.

EPEA Strategy
  • Position EPEA internationally as the gateway for inflow of private equity investment into Egypt, through play a key role in attracting foreign investments inflows into the Egyptian economy.
  • Support the government efforts towards availing an encouraging and attractive investment climate in Egypt for both local and international investors.
  • Qualify industry professionals at various levels, in order to meet the potential rise in demand, arising from expected growth in private investments.
  • Enhance knowledge and experience sharing between senior industry professionals and junior ones / youth seeking to join the industry.
  • Set industry standards for private equity investment in Egypt, and promoting best practices.
  • Spread awareness about:
    • Private equity and venture capital as a source of finance for corporate growth.
    • Knowledge and skills required to join the private equity and venture capital firms.
Achievements to date
Increased Policy Advocacy through more recognition by and engagement with Government Agencies.
Increased Instant Updates about recent market developments and regulatory announcements, shared with members through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Increased Media Coverage in terms of volume, quality, and channels, for both EPEA activities and EPEA members.
More Benefits to Members, such as; increased Access to Deals through matchmaking activities, increased Local and International Exposure through participation in local, regional and international professional events, increased Access to Research through industry reports initiatives and Dropbox Electronic Library.
Corporates and Industry Professionals
Training Programs
Round-table Discussions